Monday, 31 January 2011

Knitty Knitting like mad

Well its be a few weeks since I last wrote in my bloggy :-) and we're on the verge of entering february 2011 already.. wow.. this year is flying by already!

So over on facebook things are going well, nearly at 900 likes now, when we reach 1000 will be doing a giveaway via this blog. I just really don't know what to knit up for it :-) I have a few ideas though.
So i've been busy with customer orders, I decided I'd do baby clothes again but only up to age 2 years.. thought it was a good idea to get some more customer orders as winter isn't going to last forever :-)

As well as that.. the slouchy hat is still going strong, people can't get enough of them and now i do matching wristwarmers too :-)

Busy also using up my yarn stash, as my OH says I really should use it up before I buy anymore in..I can see where he's coming from as it is kinda taking over the living room..heheh.

Just a lil pic of my new wrist warmers xx

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Pixie Hat

I'm loving the end result of this lil pixie hat. I've done it to fit age 3 - 9 months and used pink, purple and blue dk yarn.

Knitted Baby Hammock

In the post yesterday I received my gorgeous wooden 19mm (US35) knitting needles.  I've been dying to get my knitty paws on these for a few days now as I wanted to knit up a baby hammock I had got a pattern for.

The pattern said which yarns to use if you were living in the USA so I decided to use some yarn I had lying about.. some Aero Chunky, and some Robin Chunky.. 

Ha.. i felt like i was knitting with stakes ready for a vampire to turn up..heheheh but oooh... knits up so quickly and i'm really happy with the end result

Just need a photogrpaher to like it too... or failing that.. it can be a childs toy hammock :-)

Picture of Stripes taking a snooze in the hammock

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Saturday 8th January 2011 - The first post

Blog or website.. blog or website? Pah.. I've got both now :-) Not that my website is up to much, I think I'll prefer this as I can waffle on to myself.

So i'm new to this blogging malarky, but thought it would go well with the Knitty Joe facebook *fan*page, in case people over there are remotely interested in the slighly nutty knitty world of yours truly.

Mittens and Bootees

I've been in baby mode past couple of days, baby hats, chunky hats for newborns.. and did some mittens and matching bootees today...however... I think Daz needs to find a bigger pair of mittens..heheh