Sunday, 9 January 2011

Knitted Baby Hammock

In the post yesterday I received my gorgeous wooden 19mm (US35) knitting needles.  I've been dying to get my knitty paws on these for a few days now as I wanted to knit up a baby hammock I had got a pattern for.

The pattern said which yarns to use if you were living in the USA so I decided to use some yarn I had lying about.. some Aero Chunky, and some Robin Chunky.. 

Ha.. i felt like i was knitting with stakes ready for a vampire to turn up..heheheh but oooh... knits up so quickly and i'm really happy with the end result

Just need a photogrpaher to like it too... or failing that.. it can be a childs toy hammock :-)

Picture of Stripes taking a snooze in the hammock


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