Thursday, 24 February 2011

Competition 2..Lets get to 1500 likers on facebook!!

Hi everyone

welcome to Knitty Joe's 2nd competition.. if you didn't enter the first one .. where were you?? lol

So on facebook I'm currently at 1180 likers... ooh 20 away from 1200.. so I thought another competition was in order... when the page hits 1500 I'll draw a winner or if I think we'll never hit 1500 I'll close the competition earlier.

How to enter the competition

You can enter by leaving your answer on this blog below, or if you do not have a blog account you can email your entry to entries sent via Facebook will not be entered.

Please ensure whether leaving your entry below or by email you give me your FULL NAME not just a user, account or business name.. if you don't leave your FULL NAME.. again your entry will not count.. the last comp we had I did lots of running around after people who didn't do this.. but this time I'm not.

Don't copy and paste somebody's entry.. its not very original is they might not be right....x

And again.. I'm sorry, but I will only post to the UK x


1. At what age did I learn to knit.

2. How many balls of yarn did I buy to use for this blanket?

The answers to both questions can be found either on the info section of the Knitty Joe facebook page.. or in my last blog post.. so yes.. you actually have to work for this one!! Only entries with both correct answers will be entered into the competition :-)

Up for grabs this time is this soft n snuggly blanket.. it measures 30x27 inches.  I know.. a random size.. but I just like to knit as I go   It's in neutral colours so is ideal for a boy or girl :-)

So good luck everyone.. and remember.. you need to answer both questions, and you need to leave your FULL NAME.. either here on the blog by comment below or by sending your entry to knitty.joe facebook entries will not count xx

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

It's all about the blanket :-)

I think I'm addicted to blankets.. I've knitted two in two :-)

This one is up for sale in my Knitty Joe Folksy Shop and I really love it , it's just a shame the lighting in our house.. day and night is absolutely rubbish!!! Its made with a few different colour yarns and some gorgeous fleecy yarn too.

I happened to be in town today and as it was a market day I popped to the wool stall to buy some yarn for the blanket for the next blog competition.. make sure you read my blog on Thursday to find out more :-)

I ended up buying 5 balls of yarn but I didn't use them all in the end as I used some out of my yarn stash.

Like the other blanket.. this also has the fleecy yarn knitted into it.. along with a strand of lemon, mint, and white with coloured flecks.. :-)..

So this is going to be the competition blanket :-)

I want to keep both blankies for meeee!!!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

2 updates in 2 days.. yay me!!

No.. it really is me here again .. I know.. I only updated this blog

Soo.. whats happening at KJ headquarters today then? I know its not Christmas .. it's miles away.. and I didn't even really think about Christmas when I knitted these lil items up last night/this morning :-)

I'm expanding KJ you see, well I'm trying to.. into more Photography props.. had the patterns for those items for ages but what with doing customer orders.. just never had the time :-) Going to be knitting more up but in less Christmassy colours :-)

Ooh.. how could I forget this!! Finished this off for a fellow facebook friend and fellow business owner Mother Duck from Dizzy Ducks Creations she's totally fell in love with pom pon yarn.. so I knitted this up for her.. a wrap with matching wristwarmers :-)

Going to be doing another competition here for Knitty Joe.. where the prize will be a blanket similar to the one I knitted for Magic Photography.. I think I'll do it in creams and lemons.. neutral colours.. so I'm off to the market on Tuesday.. I think about 5 balls of yarn should do it :-)

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Magic Photography

Hi all

Last month I received a custom order from Magic Photography to create a baby blanket and some lil matching hats. Allison the photograpery told me what colours she was after, but left it to me to source the yarns.

Been waiting very patiently to see some photos.. as Allison is the first photographer to order any props from me... and here are the results along with links to Magic Photograpy Blog , Magic Photography Facebook Page  and the website link...

Thanks again Allison for letting me use these images.. I just love them x x 

and below.. is what my items looked like before use in the shoot... 

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Catching up :-)

Dear Blog.. its been six days since my last

I've still been busy catching up on orders, just a lil hat to do, a wrap in pom pon yarn and a ducky.. but Ducky is not getting started until March so thats all good :-)

Over at KJ HQ the facebook business page changed and caused chaos for a day or two.. I tried to help as many peeps as possible.. but it resulted in me getting no knitting done at all!! lol

Valentines day has been and gone.. well not for me as my OH and I are going out tonight for our Vday meal.. we had no pennies on the Vday itself although we did exchange cards and I gave him a few lil things and I got some choccies..yom yom .. so we're off into town and to an Italian restuarant tonight.. and I'm off into town in a mo to get my mop chopped..its resembling a very shaggy dulux sheep dog.. minus the white fur of course lol

Here are pics of latest offerings...

Another lil pom pom Hoody waistcoat.. the last I do until I have my own baby I've

And well.. what can I say about Ducky.. I turn my back for 2 mins and there he is wearing the new hoody!! Shocking.. just

Another of my baby bear beanies.. this one was the one I donated to the Help a Hedghog Hospital aucttion which was held on facebook

Wow.. whilst i've been typing this.. i got a knock on the door.. and it was the florist with a bouquet of flowers for meeee.. from my fantastic OH Darren x x x  x.. here is  a pic xx oh.. i don't do roses by the way.. lol x

Thursday, 10 February 2011

A busy few days :-)

Wow.. the competition was fun :-) And congratulations again to Kerry and Jo on winning x

So I've been busy knitting and buying new patterns and generally drooling over lots of yarn and knitting books I desperately want.

I recently finished this cute lil waistcoat hoody.. and I have just knitted another pink but have yet to sew it all up.

Don't be afraid of using the pom pom yarns out there.. after the first initial row.. you soon get used to knitting with it and realising that the purl side is the right side :-) This knits up relatively quickly as you can imagine.. its the tidying up after that takes the time. The sewing all the loose pom pom threads to the back of the work and then sewing the hood and the cuffs on is what I find really tedious about it.

I recently finished another fizz scarf for my fantastic friend Laura otherwise known as my *Wifey*.. she had seen the one I did in pink.. and chose a longer version of it in this colour

In the pipeline, I'm doing a pair of wrist warmers..longer than my normal ones and some matching leg warmers too, a couple of hats.. and then onto a wrap/shawl in larger pom pom wool which I can't wait to start.

Signing of for now.. Don't be a sheep.. Be Unique xx

Monday, 7 February 2011

Winners of the 1000 facebook likes competition

Thanks to everybody for helping Knitty Joe get to 1000 likes on facebook. 

There were over 50 competition entries. I entered all the names into a random name generator.. see the 5 screen shots below to see all names entered:

So there you can see all the names entered.. then I did the first draw.. this was for the wristwarmers.. and the second draw was for the slouchy hat... soooooo

the winner off the Wristwarmers is.... *drum roll*... Jo Smith
the winner off the Slouchy Hat is........*drum roll*....Kerry Hanson

see the below screen shots to see their names

Congratulations to Jo and to Kerry.. if you could both please email me on knitty.joe so I can get your postal address that would be fab.. fankooooo x x

Sunday, 6 February 2011

And now for something completely different

yep.. this post has nothing to do with knitting.. I know.. I do have a life outside of knitting.. crazy right? lol

My OH and I have been off to Malham in the Yorkshire Dales today walking /hiking whatever your prefer to call it :-) We're a bit late in starting this year, our first walk last year was the 3rd week of January up Mam Torr in los n lots of

It's been very windy and raining on and off quite hard, but that never stops us! In face its a long standing joke now amongst our friends and family because pretty much every time me and Daz go walking or camping its horrendous weather. 

We went away to the Lake district in November 2009 and it flooded!! and well that sort of set the pattern for every walking/camping trip We don't let it bother us.. after all thats what waterproof clothing is for after all.. and like today.. the rain makes certain places even more pretty.. Gordale Scar for example.. would not have been the fantastic roaring waterfall we saw today without all the rain.. it would probably have been a lil trickle :-)

Just a lil pic of me and my OH sheltering near Gordale Scar :-) xx

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Knitted baby clothes..worth it or not?

I recently decided that I would knit baby clothes again over at Knitty Joe.. only up to 2 years old though.  I was thinking of what other Knitty items I can knit that people will want all year through, because lets face it.. people won't be ordering my slouchy hat or wristwarmers in

So baby clothes.. they are small.. quick to knit yes? Well actually NO! Granted, they are small, but most baby knits are done in 4 ply or double knit yarn and actually take longer than an adult slouchy hat. In fact, in the time it takes to knit one baby bootee.. yes one.. not a pair of bootees.. I can knit one of my chunky slouchy hats!

So I thought right.. i'll do only chunky baby knits.. namely baby pom pom or other chunkys.  Still time consuming although not as... but.. the real problem I guess is... and now you understand I'm waffling to myself so bear with me...  a baby cardi.. costs more to knit up than a hat.. takes longer than a hat to knit. and lots longer to sew up.. but I earn more pennies with my slouchy hat.. then i will with any baby cardigan.. if i was to price up a baby knit to include time spent.. nobody would ever buy them.. 

ahh the solution.. i'm no longer doing baby knits other than my baby hats and 

time to turn to other ideas as to what I can knit up for the rest of the year.. i have lots of ideas.. just need the time to try them all out x

have you realised yet that I do waffle alot on my hope you all have a fantastic weekend xx

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

1000 Facebook *likes* competition time :-)

***If you don't have a blog account then please email your comment to and leave your name too xx***
Woohooo... Just about hit 900 likes now on my facebook page. (970 as at 5th feb)

So I decided I would do a giveaway/competition for when we hit 1000. So lets get the ball rolling and hope the next 100 likes doesn't take too long :-)

Ok so we have two prizes up for grabs :-) 

Prize One - One of my slouchy hats 
Prize Two - A pair of my wristwarmers

To enter this competition firstly you must already like my page Knitty Joe Facebook Fanpage over on facebook (i'll check ya know..heheh)
Secondly.. just comment below (under this blog post) what your favourite item is of mine that i've Knitted and why x  

Please also leave your name if it is not your account name xx

If you don't have a blog account then please email your comment to and leave your name too xx

When we hit 1000 likes on facebook i'll then enter all the names into a random name generator online and will notify the winners here on the blog xx

Sorry UK Postage Only x