Thursday, 10 February 2011

A busy few days :-)

Wow.. the competition was fun :-) And congratulations again to Kerry and Jo on winning x

So I've been busy knitting and buying new patterns and generally drooling over lots of yarn and knitting books I desperately want.

I recently finished this cute lil waistcoat hoody.. and I have just knitted another pink but have yet to sew it all up.

Don't be afraid of using the pom pom yarns out there.. after the first initial row.. you soon get used to knitting with it and realising that the purl side is the right side :-) This knits up relatively quickly as you can imagine.. its the tidying up after that takes the time. The sewing all the loose pom pom threads to the back of the work and then sewing the hood and the cuffs on is what I find really tedious about it.

I recently finished another fizz scarf for my fantastic friend Laura otherwise known as my *Wifey*.. she had seen the one I did in pink.. and chose a longer version of it in this colour

In the pipeline, I'm doing a pair of wrist warmers..longer than my normal ones and some matching leg warmers too, a couple of hats.. and then onto a wrap/shawl in larger pom pom wool which I can't wait to start.

Signing of for now.. Don't be a sheep.. Be Unique xx


  1. loving the idea of leg warmers!!

  2. just finished some.. but forgot to post a


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