Tuesday, 1 February 2011

1000 Facebook *likes* competition time :-)

***If you don't have a blog account then please email your comment to knitty.joe@gmail.com and leave your name too xx***
Woohooo... Just about hit 900 likes now on my facebook page. (970 as at 5th feb)

So I decided I would do a giveaway/competition for when we hit 1000. So lets get the ball rolling and hope the next 100 likes doesn't take too long :-)

Ok so we have two prizes up for grabs :-) 

Prize One - One of my slouchy hats 
Prize Two - A pair of my wristwarmers

To enter this competition firstly you must already like my page Knitty Joe Facebook Fanpage over on facebook (i'll check ya know..heheh)
Secondly.. just comment below (under this blog post) what your favourite item is of mine that i've Knitted and why x  

Please also leave your name if it is not your account name xx

If you don't have a blog account then please email your comment to knitty.joe@gmail.com and leave your name too xx

When we hit 1000 likes on facebook i'll then enter all the names into a random name generator online and will notify the winners here on the blog xx

Sorry UK Postage Only x


  1. hmmmm... ill have to say my favyy thing is the slouchy hat ;) most prob because its in my favvy wool!! and also look smart on ya bonce xx claire's crochet xx

  2. I love the pop pom scarf (not sure thats your name for it!) I think its made from pom-pom wool - i saw some today and it did make me think of you! (btw this is Jennys Sock Monkeys)

  3. I love the hammocks!! what a neat idea.....

  4. forgot to say my facebook name for above is Janice Channer....

  5. I love the knitted headbands with a flower buts thats cos I have one but really love the wristwarmers....soooo want some of those
    Kerri from Forever Buttons xx

  6. Slouchy hat! And controversial chicken!

  7. It's Lou btw, Paper Panda ;) xx

  8. My faves are you baby hammocks! I think they are soooo cute! lotsa love Rachael from Brookes Luxury Hampers xx

  9. Email entry from Barbara Nash aka Dizzy Ducks creations

    I would love to enter your blog competition ... I love the ducky even though he is not for sale. If he cannot be my answer then I love your wrist warmers.

    wuv mother duck xx

  10. Email entry from Valerie

    Hi Joe,

    Love your wristwarmers,


    Valerie Coleman

  11. oooh what a choice. I also love the hammocks as they are a great idea. But actually I just fell in love with Ducky and his hat collection. Just because I am a bit of a sucker for cute toys and he has a great expression.

  12. Hello Creating Trouble.. could you leave your name please xx

  13. Ahh I think Creating Trouble is Alex x

  14. The slouchy hats are my faves, but I love the wrist warmers, ooh I love the little bear hats too and the little waistcoat you did too...... Ooops how many can you pick!!???? ;o)
    They're all lovely.
    Well done on all your 'likes" too.
    Claire shaw

  15. I like anything that does not involve me knitting it:-) I like your wrist warmers as it is so hard to wear gloves when you walk the dogs, as you got to keep taking them off to do the poop patrol. Keep up the good work!

  16. Email entry from Wendy @ The Sock Shop

    My fav knitted goodies are the thumb warmers for men,brilliant idea that stops them from abusing the remote control :D (if you can make one to fit the index finger they will stop scratching thier bums too)

  17. Hi Joe, it's Loops [Louise Crane] from Loop da Loop *waves*

    My fave is defo your pom-pom scarf, really fun. I do love a good slouchy hat as well mind you!!

  18. Hi Joe, I love your wrist warmers, would come in very handy when doing craft fairs in the freezing cold! x

  19. Hi,

    I like your chunky wrist warmers best, they look really toasty!

    Emma Tomkinson (Boy in Park) & Eddie Collins (Gold Star Bear)

  20. Hi from Kristina's Jewellery
    Once again I LOVE your slouchy hats and your lil bear beanies awwww so much to choose from! xxx

  21. I adore the beanie bear hats, freaking adorable!!!......then again the heart cushions would be good to cuddle up to......and the wrist warmers are ingenious!!!!
    Julie Myers

  22. Email entry from Ricci Ewart

    Hi Joe, it's Ricci from Crafty Creations ;0)

    I have to say my fave item of yours has to be the headwarmer that I bought from u.
    I love it, love it, love it!!!!!

    Gorge colours, really soft and snuggly warm. A winner all round, hehe.

  23. I lurve your chunky wristwarmers and the pom pom scarf xx

    Claire Jobling

  24. Email entry from Laura Durkenstein

    Im gonna say I like your very first pom pom scarf best. Cos I can remember when you got the wool and knitted the scarf...it was like the birth of your business and hence the item that started your page, likes, and business... So Pom Pom = birth of your business.. Hope that makes sense.. Wifey aka Laura

  25. hello there - im kylie from Kylies cupcake Kitchen, Kiddies cupcake corner and Kylies cookies by post :) congrats of your lovely business - I wish you all the luck int he world xx xx

  26. Well, it's got to be the oh-so-soft baby bear hat which I won in the Hedgehog Hospital auction... hasn't even been knitted yet, but I know that my little girl Sophie is going to be the envy of all next winter! (Catriona Reeves)

  27. I love your hammocks they are so cool!!!

  28. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=141259152602701&set=a.139040046157945.25413.122181947843755

    that hat! because it's perfect and he loooves wearing it so much - must mean it's comfy, as he would have taken it off in a flash if it wasn't lol. and he looks so, so happy in it!
    i MUST get one for Siri and one for Kai!


  29. Hi Joe, we only just got linked through FB so I thoroughly enjoyed looking through all your creations & it was hard to choose ... I absolutely loved the hammock, but have no bubbies to put in it :-)
    I also love your slinky hat. Good luck getting to 1000, it's certainly well deserved.

    Tracy (Made 4 your Books)

  30. oohhh I never told you why!! Please dont say Im too late!
    chunky wristwarmers - gloves are really annoying and a bit dangerous to drive in & can you imagine mittens!! These serve the purpose perfectly, I have a metal gear knob (!!!) and is soooo cold on a morning!
    And the pom pom scarf - well Im not being funny but who wouldnt love it. You cant nbeat a cuddly scarf!

  31. Hello, for me it has to be the wonderfull ducky, i love it and NEED one, i love the cute ness, you are so so clever. on a second choice it would be the pom pom scarf, i adore it..
    x Kerry

  32. Hi Joe, a couple of beanie bear hats that went down great at xmas


  33. Hello Joe,
    I had posted before but cant see it o well lol!
    I love your work starting a collection now. I love your head warmers but I must say my favourite piece is my slouchy hat with the flower love it loads everyone compliments it!!
    Thank you Becca Atkins

  34. Email entry from Paula Mickley

    Hello Knitty Joe

    My favourite pieces are the hats with ears and faces – sooo cute!

    I would love one of your slouchy hats too!

    Paula Mickley

  35. Email Entry from Mary Marsh

    Hi Knitty.joe

    I do not have a blog and not really sure how to get lol, it must be an age thing !

    I love your page and all the items you have knitted. Over the years I have knitted hundreds of items but now sadly due to RSI in my arms and hands I am unable to carry on ! I know you can never get back enough to cover the time and effort you put into knitting but hope you have enjoyed doing it.

    All the best for the future

    Mary Marsh

  36. Pom pom waistcoat. Because you didn't let it win. If ukwim.

    Bellas Buggybags

  37. Email entry from Kathy Multi Tasker

    hiya i just luuurrve the stripey bee hat cos its sooooo cute x kathy Multi tasker

  38. Slouchy hat for me...you can't beat a nice slouchy hat, especially on bad hair days!

    (Denise Karan on FB)

  39. My fave has to be the bear hat x cos it looks so soft and snuggly and scrummy xxx bit like you Joe Joe xxxx mwah xxx love you poppet xxx

  40. I so love knitting too and would love to make the duck! I have a new grandchild arriving any day and have been making jerseys. I am in the process of make a teddy at the moment.

  41. Email entry from Alison Thomas

    all your items are fabby!. go joe!..x
    Alison thomas(facebook)
    www.dummyclips.co.uk( fb page)

  42. Email entry from Jo Smith

    My favourite thing u have knitted is the hooded scarf with pockets, looks great and very practical! X

  43. Email entry from Tracey King

    Don't know if I am doing this right but here goes! :)

    yay! loving your page & your wrist warmers....will fight Julie for that headwarmer though! :) love me xx

    Tracey King

  44. Email entry from Abi Goulding


    Just entering your competition!

    Abi Goulding

    P.S. Love the BEar Beanie Hats!

  45. Email entry from Kim Harvey-Nash

    Hi Joe

    I would like to enter your competition on your blog but not sure if I have an account so here goes.

    I love your pom pom items, they baffle me as I just can't work out how to crochet with it!
    I also love your slouchy hats.


  46. Congratulations on all those likers and thanks for running this comp :-)

  47. Bedecked beads = Valerie Anderson x

  48. Email entry from Marie Caley

    I love the bear hats (so cute). The wristwarmers are great too. Keep telling myself to get a pair. Would be great on a sat and and sun morning, when i'm watching my lad at footy!!! Keep up the fab work :-)

    Marie 'Maz' Caley

  49. love love love the little bear hats, they are so cute and the adult ear/ head warmers, the slouchy hats and the wristwarmers, basically i like everything, lol. you are very talented

  50. Email entry from Carolyn Green

    Hi, my fav's are your Bear Beanies ,or anything with Pom Poms...lol xx

  51. Email entry from Rebecca Woods


    My fave item of yours is the head warmers... I think this allows people with big heads.. like me.. and my daughter who has an afro, the option to keep warm too!
    If I put a full hat on my daughter, when we take it off her hair looks like flattened carpet! lol... this way, she can have her afro out and look super cute and trendy.

    Important to keep ears warm, Me & Cleo think!

    Hope this is ok.

    Becky - from Sock factory xx

  52. My favourite things are the pom pom hats and the ear warmers, grt for cold mornings and stylish too. Well done Knitty Joe x

    Virginia O'Shaughnessy (ginnyjoes little gems)

  53. Email entry from Sandra Milton

    Hi Joe
    My favorite item has to be your pompom baby waist coat so soft and cuddly for any baby or toddler.

    best wishes

  54. Email entry from Toni Matthews

    Its Toni Matthews

    My favourite piece you did was the pink hat for Elaines baby Livvy. She looked so cute and the hat is lovely colours and looks so soft.
    T xxx

  55. Email entry from Lisa Parnell

    I loooooove your bear hat!! i just bought a panda one with ear flaps for £4 but yours is soooo much better wish id found u first!!
    Lisa Parnell

  56. I love the adults teddy hat. Because they are fun and cute! A must in this weather with a hint of personality!

  57. Email entry from Vicky Ansty

    hi its laura's mad friend vicky..
    i love everything you have made and still trying to work out what to buy lol
    but think it would have to be the wrist warmers as they will look great with my wool coat
    vicky xx

  58. Email entry from Alison Newall

    Hiya xx

    I don't have an account so sending via here.

    I love your wrist warmers as I would be able to wear them and still see to my hubby without having to take off and lose my gloves. I think I need elastic through my sleeves like I used to when a kid xx

    Thanks Alison Newall xx

  59. Email entry from Julie Budden

    My favorite is the headwarmer you made for me cos I know it was made with so much lurrrve :)

  60. I love love love the the earwarmers soooooooooooo cute xxxx
    Oh its Emma gentry, it seems im in the business account xx

  61. Email entry from Tanya Knight rvd at1900hrs

    Hiya iv only just joined your page on facebook, loving everything on you do they look sooo cute.
    But my favourite is the slouch hat that you made for Rebecca.

    Thanks Tanya xxx

  62. this is my fave item of yours so far http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=129150623813554&set=a.129126520482631.20027.122181947843755&theater I love the mix of the green earthy colours :o) I also follow you n facebook (Kelly 'womble' Johnson)


  63. Competition was closed on 7th Feb at 1900hrs x thanks for all who entered.. there is a blog on 7th feb detailing the winners x


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