Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Catching up :-)

Dear Blog.. its been six days since my last

I've still been busy catching up on orders, just a lil hat to do, a wrap in pom pon yarn and a ducky.. but Ducky is not getting started until March so thats all good :-)

Over at KJ HQ the facebook business page changed and caused chaos for a day or two.. I tried to help as many peeps as possible.. but it resulted in me getting no knitting done at all!! lol

Valentines day has been and gone.. well not for me as my OH and I are going out tonight for our Vday meal.. we had no pennies on the Vday itself although we did exchange cards and I gave him a few lil things and I got some choccies..yom yom .. so we're off into town and to an Italian restuarant tonight.. and I'm off into town in a mo to get my mop chopped..its resembling a very shaggy dulux sheep dog.. minus the white fur of course lol

Here are pics of latest offerings...

Another lil pom pom Hoody waistcoat.. the last I do until I have my own baby I've

And well.. what can I say about Ducky.. I turn my back for 2 mins and there he is wearing the new hoody!! Shocking.. just

Another of my baby bear beanies.. this one was the one I donated to the Help a Hedghog Hospital aucttion which was held on facebook

Wow.. whilst i've been typing this.. i got a knock on the door.. and it was the florist with a bouquet of flowers for meeee.. from my fantastic OH Darren x x x  x.. here is  a pic xx oh.. i don't do roses by the way.. lol x


  1. Lovely flowers, what a sweetie!! I don't do roses either ;-) And what a cheeky ducky!!

  2. Hey Lou :-) I've never liked roses as a gift, they don't really last long. My favourite flowers are Carnations.. there are some many different colours available and they last for weeks x

    Ooh I know.. he is a cheeky Ducky.. but I loves him..hehe x


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