Sunday, 6 February 2011

And now for something completely different

yep.. this post has nothing to do with knitting.. I know.. I do have a life outside of knitting.. crazy right? lol

My OH and I have been off to Malham in the Yorkshire Dales today walking /hiking whatever your prefer to call it :-) We're a bit late in starting this year, our first walk last year was the 3rd week of January up Mam Torr in los n lots of

It's been very windy and raining on and off quite hard, but that never stops us! In face its a long standing joke now amongst our friends and family because pretty much every time me and Daz go walking or camping its horrendous weather. 

We went away to the Lake district in November 2009 and it flooded!! and well that sort of set the pattern for every walking/camping trip We don't let it bother us.. after all thats what waterproof clothing is for after all.. and like today.. the rain makes certain places even more pretty.. Gordale Scar for example.. would not have been the fantastic roaring waterfall we saw today without all the rain.. it would probably have been a lil trickle :-)

Just a lil pic of me and my OH sheltering near Gordale Scar :-) xx

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  1. Ooohh how lovely
    Wish my other half was a bit more into walking.
    Might show him the photo - the rosey cheeks and beaming smiles says it all!


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