Saturday, 5 February 2011

Knitted baby clothes..worth it or not?

I recently decided that I would knit baby clothes again over at Knitty Joe.. only up to 2 years old though.  I was thinking of what other Knitty items I can knit that people will want all year through, because lets face it.. people won't be ordering my slouchy hat or wristwarmers in

So baby clothes.. they are small.. quick to knit yes? Well actually NO! Granted, they are small, but most baby knits are done in 4 ply or double knit yarn and actually take longer than an adult slouchy hat. In fact, in the time it takes to knit one baby bootee.. yes one.. not a pair of bootees.. I can knit one of my chunky slouchy hats!

So I thought right.. i'll do only chunky baby knits.. namely baby pom pom or other chunkys.  Still time consuming although not as... but.. the real problem I guess is... and now you understand I'm waffling to myself so bear with me...  a baby cardi.. costs more to knit up than a hat.. takes longer than a hat to knit. and lots longer to sew up.. but I earn more pennies with my slouchy hat.. then i will with any baby cardigan.. if i was to price up a baby knit to include time spent.. nobody would ever buy them.. 

ahh the solution.. i'm no longer doing baby knits other than my baby hats and 

time to turn to other ideas as to what I can knit up for the rest of the year.. i have lots of ideas.. just need the time to try them all out x

have you realised yet that I do waffle alot on my hope you all have a fantastic weekend xx

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  1. Hiya
    Not that I knit or really have a clue but.....
    I think a shawl would be a fab idea, great for the in between wearing the coat but still a bit nippy for shirt sleeves. Also a good easy item to have with you "just in case"
    Sooooo loving your blog


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