Monday, 14 March 2011

It's been a while

Well I say a while.. around 3 weeks I think :-)

In that time I started and finished a new job.. and KJ Photography Props was born.

Because of my new venture Knitty Joe has been a lil bit neglected.. although I did knit up Duckina.. the love of Ducky's life... he was devastated when she had to leave to go to her new family..

I've since had a photo back from Duckina's new family and she looks very happy.. :-)

So as I mentioned, I've been busy with the props side of KJ.. and have met some new lovely people through it and knitted up some gorgeous lil newborn hats .. including my owlie hat :-)

I do have a couple of Knitty Joe projects on the go as well as making up stock for the xmas craft fayre I'm attending too :-)

In other news.. I'm still running the competition to win a snuggly baby blanket.. will be drawing the winner when the Knitty Joe facebook page hits 1500 likes x

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