Tuesday, 20 December 2011

We have not 1 but 2 winners! KJ's Weekly Giveaway 20th December 2011

Hellooo did you miss me?

Well as you know there was no giveaway last Tuesday, as I was really busy with my normal work.. yes I do have a job outside of knitting out of know! :-)

So to make up for it, I did a double giveaway tonight. Two lucky winners!

Winner No 1 and the winner of the pom pom hat is...Number 48.. edit at 2212.... Number 48 was mistakingly entered by the owner of Number 46, so because the owner of number 48 didn't comment this week.. I'm going to let Michelle Neal have the hat as she did comment but with number 48 not 46. Please can you make sure everyone that you use your correct number as I don't have time to go through them all.

Winner No 2 and the winner of the tail hat is.... Number 63 ... edita 2255.. Number 63 was mistakingly entered by the owner of 64.. and the owner of number 63 didn't actually comment so I'm going to let Kirsty Cunnew have this hat.

Again.. please can you all make sure you use your correct numbers x

Congratulations to you both :-) Please could you both contact me via my contact tab to give me your address so that I can post the hat to you.

As always, I've posted a screen print below of the winning numbers.

There won't be a giveaway now until the 3rd January.

Have a fantastic Christmas everyone... lots of love KJ x x x

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